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Dheshnee Naidoo:

I have 25 years’ proposal management, bid management and strategy experience in the ICT, supply chain, telecommunications, automotive, retail and pharmaceutical industries. As a self-motivated individual with strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, I foster cooperation between teams and improve results, ensuring increased win rates.

Proposal management requires someone who is decisive, responsible and accountable. With my strong work ethics, integrity and willingness to assist where I can, I am making a difference in the profession. Criticism is a constructive and critical element to development, which is why I welcome it. My calm, efficient and organised nature fosters good relations within my team and across departments, while my focus on results and detail ensure that group targets are met and sustained.

My journey has empowered me to be more myself and to step into my current role as Head of Bid Management for the EOH Group with humility and strength. I am hungry for knowledge and my passion for people enables me to lift as I rise.