2019 Chapter Committee

Marlize Schwar
Marlize SchwarCP APMP Chair
Belinda Engelbrecht
Belinda EngelbrechtCF APMP Conference & Sponsorships
Petra McCabe
Petra McCabeCF APMP Conference & Sponsorships
Ipeleng Rakidi
Ipeleng RakidiCF APMP Training & Accreditation
Cassandra Potgieter
Cassandra PotgieterCF APMP Communications & Media Marketing
Larisa Cornelius
Larisa CorneliusCP APMP Strategic Relationships
Shirley Moss
Shirley MossCF APMP Memberships & Training
Debbie Watt
Debbie WattCommunications, Media & Marketing

In addition to our committee members, we also have three directors on our APMP SA committee. They oversee our activities, ensuring sound financial practices are followed and that our chapter is properly governed and managed in line with the international APMP body.

Our APMP SA chapter’s directors include:

Sally Jacques
Sally JacquesProposal Practitioner
Larissa Cornelius
Larissa CorneliusProposal Practitioner

The SA chapter committee has set itself the following three goals for 2019:

1. Increase media exposure, local and national print and radio media
2. Provide value to members which is measured by members’ feedback
3. Achieve membership growth of 25% to reach 175 or more